In my work with metals and stones, I continually research form and color. Certain visual concepts have followed me since early childhood and develop as they filter through time.

Although rooted in the minimalist design tradition of my native Denmark, my creative vision often reflects my enthrallment with the colorful luxuriance of Nature, the human form and the stylized imagery in art of the medieval, renaissance and baroque periods.

Central to my work is the transformational potential of that which dwells at the core; the hidden truth or, the inner life.

When creating my work, I am drawn toward archetypal forms and aesthetically interesting color combinations, and am often faced with having to invent alternative approaches in order to incorporate details, such as inverted beaded areas.

I find it is indeed such unpredictable sculptural effects that add to the mystery of a piece.

While being adornments, I see my pieces as companions through life and sculptural objects laden with symbolism, that may express the wearer's personal history.

Every piece of my jewelry is unique and handmade in gold and silver, with precious and semi-precious stones, selected and combined according to their colors and characteristics.